Sunday, October 28, 2007

Below are pictures from the Lambda Chi cookout, friends from Ttown coming in, Card game night at me and Amanda's place, and Charlie (my brother's new dog) coming to visit
My foot is feeling a 1000x's better...Honestly, now it is just annoying to deal with not being able to function normally....and crutches. I'm trying to resume a semi-regular routine though and I'm doing a good job for the most part. Hopefully, the doc will put me in a walking boot in 3 weeks from now :)
I really missed my mom today and really yesterday too because I only saw her for like 10 minutes yesterday......I get to see her tomorrow though!
I think I may try to go down to ttown this weekend - I'm REALLY excited about the Bama/LSU game! I've realized lately that I truly enjoy being from the South. I'm proud to be Southern born and bred. I honestly don't think I could ever leave the south anymore.

I love this cute little quote: “Southern girls are God’s gift to the entire male population. There is absolutely no woman finer than one raised below the Mason-Dixon Line and once you go southern, may the good Lord help you… you never go back.” –Kenny Chesney

and below is a picture of my beautiful roomate and best friend of 15+ years before her sorority's formal the other night - I felt like her mom taking pics of her! hahah

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Well the first picture is from me, Alana, and Amanda's late night trip to wal-mart the other night, and the picture below is from right after my surgery! The surgery went well - and I am feeling alot better than I thought I would. God had truly been watching out for me during this whole thing. Dr. Kirchner is a GREAT doctor and I am SOOO VERY LUCKY to have had him. He and his whole staff were so eager to help me in any way they could! I had a lot of friends come up to the hospital last night which made it so much easier on me I think! so Thanks to Daniel, Amanda, Dave, Anna, and Emilio for keeping me company - not to mention all the phone calls I got and all the presents I recieved - I am so blessed to have such incredible friends to help me get through things like this :) Me, and my mom and Emilio played MadLibs until 12:00 which was HILARIOUS! I woke up almost every 2 hours during the night because the morphine wore off so fast. They set me home with perkiset though which seems to be getting the job done pretty well.....if you can't tell I'm definatly drugged right now and probably not making a whole lot of sense! I'm also really greatful for my mom - I wasn't always so nice to her -especially right before the surgery because I was a nervous wreck - but she put up with me anyway and I'm very lucky to have such a great best friend :) Anyway just wanted to give an update on how I'm doing since my surgery!

Friday, October 19, 2007

well as most of you probably already know from my mom, i was in a car wreck. I messed up my right foot pretty bad. Its been a nightmare, but I'm really lucky that my foot is the only thing major. I had a really bad experience with a doctor from St. Vincents so I've been discouraged, but Monday I'm going to see a doctor that my mom really admires so hopefully I'll stay on schedule and have my surgery Tuesday....if not it will probably be the next week.