Friday, October 19, 2007

well as most of you probably already know from my mom, i was in a car wreck. I messed up my right foot pretty bad. Its been a nightmare, but I'm really lucky that my foot is the only thing major. I had a really bad experience with a doctor from St. Vincents so I've been discouraged, but Monday I'm going to see a doctor that my mom really admires so hopefully I'll stay on schedule and have my surgery Tuesday....if not it will probably be the next week.


Nicole said...

Aereal, what are you doing in that top pic?! you look so funny!

I'm glad the only major injury you had was your foot. Hope you are not too bored right now. Praying for surgery to go well and for a fast recovery. Post again soon!

Chris & Aereal said...

Thanks girl! I was laying on the couch and I just threw my leg up so it would be in the picture! hahaha - im real drugged up so who knows what im doing!