Sunday, January 20, 2008

***For the most part, things are GREAT right now! I have so many wonderful blessings in my life! My eyes are being opened to new ones each and every single day!
***A little update on my life:
-I am CONSTANTLY studying for school
-I LOVE teaching Children's Church at MountainView with Trisha - seriously, I feel so humbled to take on this role - I feel like it is helping me grow spiritually alot - I am so thankful God put me in this position!
***There are a few areas of my life that seem alittle more gray than they should - normally, I would be freaking out (because I tend to overanalyze things) but for now I am just riding things out...We'll see what much as I don't like it, I have to accept the fact that I don't know all the answers right now nor do I need to........hmmm....
***and here are a few recent pics:
Me and my best friend Alana
me and Emilio
(for some reason its kind of blurry - it kept messing up when I was trying to resize it)