Thursday, July 17, 2008

me and my "twin".....we actually have another picture where we look more alike, but I will have to wait and post it when I get home 


I never update anymore....and apparently this displeases some people so I'm going to try to start keeping up with this thing again :) I am currently in San Diego...Miranda and I came out here to see Laura. I'm having the time of my life. It is beautiful. The weather is perfect. The people are extraordinary. I never want to come back (just kidding mom...but not really!) Here is a little briefing of the past few days:

-Monday we arrived in Orange County at the John Wayne airport around 10:00 (their time)...the flight was fine, unfortunately my bags had been left in Birmingham though (a very frustrating event....that would lead to me chewing out United Airlines the next day...and finally getting my bags at 8pm on Tuesday)
-After picking us up from the airpot, Laura showed us around town a little and we went to a local PB pub.

-Tuesday we spent the day at Balboa park with Laura's friend Matt. We ate at the most delicious restraunt EVER! That night we celebrated "taco tuesday" (a local san diego thing that consists of cheap tacos and great happy hours).....we then moved the party to a different hang out in PB....

-Wednesday morning Laura had to go to work :( so after getting the rental car Miranda and I tried to find a mcdonalds (oddly enough a hard feat out here) and then we made our way to the san diego zoo....Last night Miranda and I hung out with Laura's roomate Mikee and went to a few local bars and then ended up at "EN CAHOOTS" - A REAL COUNTRY LINE DANCING BAR IN SAN DIEGO! It was soooo much fun. We were supposed to go to some winerys today but we were all exhausted, so instead we are laying around watching movies and saving that for tomorrow. I wish I could post my pics but I didn't bring my camera cord :(